I am a manager with Fortune 300 Pharmacy Retailer and my employee, Abdul Fouzi, has worked directly for me for the last 6 years. Through Mr. Abdul Fouzi, I have become familiar with the Ahmadiyya Muslim faith. Their motto is “Love toward all, hatred toward none”. As someone who grew up in the Episcopalian Christian Church, I believe in loving your neighbor as yourself. I can say that Mr. Fouzi, as a representative of the Ahmadiyya Muslim faith, embodies that belief. His faith is the guiding force in his life and I have never once witnessed him hold any ill will toward another human being. I find him and his faith as an inspiration to me and my faith.

-William Medding

I have learned about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community through my friend and colleague, Dr. Faheem Younus. As a Senior Fellow in the Hoffberger Center for Professional Ethics at the University of Baltimore, Dr. Younus has given dozens of talks to hundreds of our students on the challenges and blessings of being a Muslim American. In so doing, he has been a personal example of the tolerance, compassion, and sincerity that reflects the mission of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in America and the world. I am honored, therefore, to have the opportunity to support the efforts of our local Ahmadiyya Community and their move into the new mosque.

-Fred Guy

I have had the privilege of working with Mr. Fouzi for nearly a decade and have always been in awe of his unwavering kindness towards people. He invited me to attend a program with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. I found it very enlightening. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming and informative answering any questions.

-Andrea Tait

For about 8 years now, and thanks to Shukri Khan and her family, I have grown to learn and appreciate the Ahmadiyya community and its efforts to promote peace and love. They embrace and disseminate the true meaning of Islam and effectively work for interfaith understanding and tolerance. Congratulations on your new place of worship.

-Anne Ducastel

I became aware of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community when Mansoor Shams invited me to an introductory lecture, conducted by the president of their local congregation. I was very moved by how passionate the members are to standing defiantly against radicals, who pervert the Muslim faith by committing atrocities in the name of Allah. The president boldly declared that these terrorist do NOT represent Islam at all. And their members seem genuinely committed to changing the negativity casts upon their religious beliefs, by being the personal examples of kindness, generosity, purity and faithfulness that Allah desires.

-Markus Garvey

I have known of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community for about 6 years and have come to believe that they should become a shining light and true representation of Allah in the Islamic world. In addition to love, peace, humility and charity, the communities embrace of traditional American values should be emulated and work as the counterbalance to an increasingly confused religious world. Congratulations on the new mosque and future success in Rosedale.

-Will Hill

‘Love for All, Hatred for None’ is not just a slogan for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community that I have come to know in Baltimore.  It is the cherished ethic that grows out of their religious faith.  As a Christian leader, I look forward to the ways in which the Ahmadiyya Community will shape interfaith relationships as we strive to work together for peace, justice, and understanding in our city and nation.

-Pastor Andrew Foster Connor

“So joyous to see your new mosque on Pulaski Highway. Thankful for you. Truly you are a light in the dark times. The joy moves me to tears and action. I am working most Fridays 2 hours away. I will join you when I can. Allah will it, I will soon work in Baltimore where I can come more often. Allah be praised.”

-Sharon Yalonda

“I am extremely proud to have participated in this afternoon’s Faiths United Against Hatred event hosted by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Baltimore Chapter. I am proud that so many Chevrei Tzedek current (and former) members were present. I am proud of our member Deborah Steinig who gave a really moving presentation that highlighted Judaism’s central message of tolerance but also expressed her anguish over how to bring our children (personal and communal) through this difficult time. I am proud to be a friend and neighbor of Mansoor Shams, who spoke powerfully about how he was shaken by the recent election but feels confident in his Muslim community’s response and that he and his community do not have any plan to leave America. I am proud of Dr. Faheem Younus, who called all the children present to the stage afterwards so that they would see that there are many of us adults who are NOT against them. I am proud that my son is good friends with a Muslim boy and that they never question whether a Jew and a Muslim should be good friends. I hope that we can have many more of these interfaith stands of unity and I would love for Chevrei Tzedek to host a similar gathering in the future. We will plan. And, in the mean time, we will continue to support each other inside our community and throughout the Baltimore community to continue to spread a message of tolerance and hope.

-Amit Golding

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