Rules & Regulations

Parent’s Role:

1. Please help your child to do wudhu before coming to mosque. At the mosque they won’t have to take off their socks and massah would suffice.  This will immensely shorten time children are currently taking for wudhu.

2. Students need to observe proper dress code. Dangling clothes like ghrararas and flappers increase the risk of a child falling/injuring themselves on the hard flooring.

3. Please send in their school supplies such as pencils, paper, crayons, clip board, note book, course related book. (kindly ignore if you have already done so).

4. Please talk to your child about the importance of staying in a group in and around the mosque and not wandering alone.


Student’s  Role:

1. Please close the main entrance door behind you when you enter. Heat loss during the winter is quick and it takes a lot of time and money to keep the place warm.

2. No electronic devices in class rooms. Any note taking should be done the old fashioned,  paper and pen way.

3. You’ll be provided with name tags on this class. They need to be deposited  before going for lunch.

4. Respect bathroom signs and gender usage.

5. No running on the stairway. You might trip and fall.

6. As you do in your schools, at the end of the day, please put your chair back in the right way. It would greatly help all of us in clean up.


Lunch Discipline:

1. Please only eat in the designated area when and where you are served food. Please do not cut lines or start eating out of boxes on your own. Lunch for children is always supervised and the children must follow the instructions of the person serving the food.

2. Please finish what you put in your plate and don’t put food or drinks that you cannot finish. This is the Islamic way of eating.

3. Please deposit your trash in the trash bin right after eating. Don’t leave in on the chairs, tables or halls for someone else to come and pick it up.


Salat Discipline:

No playing around in the mosque area when you are waiting for Salat to start.  Don’t start running around immediately after the Salat is over. Be patient and let other complete their Salat/Sunnah/Tasbeehat before start talking.



Please take your coats/jackets/books/supplies with you when you leave the Mosque. School administration is not responsible to take care of the items you leave behind.

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