Friday prayers resumed with restrictions

Masjid Baitus Samad is now open with strict requirements to comply with for a limited number of worshippers allowed. Currently, no more than 25 healthy men between the ages of 15 and 65 at each gathering. No children, women, and elderly are allowed in the mosque.

For Jummah, mosque will open at 1:25 PM and the service will start at 1:30 PM SHARP. Service will conclude at 1:45 PM when all worshippers will leave the building immediately after.

Mosque will be open for 5 daily prayers for members between the age of 15 and 65, the 25 person limit will be enforced at the door on first come basis.

Members are requested to pray sunnah at home and bring their own prayer mat. Members must wear a mask while inside the building and follow social distancing protocol as prescribed by the state authorities.

Members staying home are requested to arrange congregational prayers at your homes and fervently pray that may Allah protect us all. Ameen.

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