A Note of Thanks | Spiritual Fitness Camp 2014

Abu Hurairah narrated that the Messenger of AllahPBUH said:

“Whoever is not grateful to the people, he is not grateful to Allah.

Alhamdolillah the 2nd Annual Spiritual Fitness Camp drew to a successful conclusion on Sunday June 29th 2014. It was well attended by 20 boys and 18 girls (38 in all). May Allah the Exalted bless the untiring efforts of the Organizers and Parent Volunteers. First to be mentioned is Vice President of AMC Baltimore Chapter, Mr. Nasir Jamil for organizing every minute detail of the camp and overseeing all efforts from food to discipline to site prep. Worth mentioning are Mr. Abdul Latif Bennett, Mr. Basit Khan, Mr. Abdur Rehman Mohammad, and Mr. Basir Jamil for A/V set up, readying the class rooms and the whole mosque. A special thanks to Imam Hammad Ahmad Sahib for syllabus planning and holding interactive discussions and “Show me how to do it,” workshops that were much appreciated by children of all ages. Associate Teachers, Mr. Mansoor Shams, Mr. Abdul Latif Bennett, Mr. Masood Toor, Mr. Abdur Rehman Mohammad, Mrs. Nazia Hammad, and Mrs. Ganiyat Bennett helped in different capacities and enabled the kids to learn in a loving atmosphere. Also worth mentioning are the efforts of Mrs. Bushra Fouzi, Administrator for the camp who effectively looked over all discipline issues and conflict resolution on the girl’s side.

All children enjoyed the Jeopardy program by Mr. Haaris Raja who drove all the way from Southern Virginia for this. May Allah the Exalted especially reward the efforts of Mrs. Sabiha Jamil and her team to feed the kids around the clock. In a place lacking a formal kitchen and a sink, Mrs. Jamil served kids with steak fajitas and buffalo chicken subs, fruits, milk, juice, appetizing desserts like cheese cake, and a healthy snack every now and then. A heartfelt thanks to her team Mrs. Raeesa Bhatti, Mrs. Amatus Shakoor Khan, Mrs. Najma Zaheer, Mrs. Ammar, Mrs. Ganiyat Bennett, Mrs. Shazia Tahir, and Mrs. Nahel Mansoor.

The Spiritual Fitness camp could not have been a fun experience without Physical Fitness. And for this we are indebted to Mrs. Natasha Bajwa and Nayyab Bajwa for organizing sports on the girl’s side and Mr. Mansoor Shams and Mr. Basir Jamil for doing so tirelessly on the boy’s side.

JazaakAllah to Dr. Amin Baig Mirza for his inspirational closing comments and Mr. Ahmad Bashir for arranging Education Awards.

Last but not least, may Allah bless Mr. Masood Toor and his team Mr. Tahir Siddiqi and Mr. Zaheer Ahmad, for driving the trash bags all the way to Garrison for disposal and for Mrs. Sabiha Jamil, Mrs. Raeesa Bhatti, Mrs. Amatus Shakoor Khan, Mrs. Ammar  and all boys and girls for restoring Baitul Kareem to a clean state.

JazaakAllah o Taala wa ahsan ul jazaa to all parents for registering their kids and InsahahAllah we will see you all next year!

One thought on “A Note of Thanks | Spiritual Fitness Camp 2014

  • JazakAllah Aasilah Baji for quick and detailed report. This report is incomplete without mentioning your dedicated effort for more than a month as our chief coordinator and communication director. Your round the clock presence and tireless and constant attention to all matters was a major reason behind the success of this camp. May Allah (swt) bless you and rewards you abundantly for this marvelous job. Amin. My heartfelt thanks to each and every organizer, volunteer mentioned in your report as well as the parents and children for their enthusiasm. A special thanks to Sadr sahib for his confidence on the organizing team and full support behind it. JazakAllah Ahsanal Jaza.
    I request the parents to please forgive any shortcoming they may have noticed and also bring them to our attention so that we may improve upon the quality of the camp in future years. Please remember us in your prayers during Ramadan.

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